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2017 LEAP Seminars


These four-hour seminars are designed to teach people some essential skills for healthy relationships. These seminars are not appropriate for those who have domestic violence/abuse in their relationships. They are also not a substitute for anyone who is ordered by the courts to enter into a state-approved Alternatives to Violence program or Batterer’s Intervention program.


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 Scream Free Relationships

29 April 2017 – Saturday       4 hours                        10:00 am – 2:00pm

Includes seminar materials, light refreshments


Each relationship can have its problems. Research shows that it is how we handle those problems and how we resolve conflicts that determine if our relationship lasts or ends. In this class you will learn how to identify what is and what isn’t worth fighting over and why; how to analyze the conflict style in your relationship and appropriate ways to respond. Participants will be taught healthy communication, coping and couple skills to help individuals refrain from damaging their relationship when conflict arises.



Couples Communication

30 April 2017 – Sunday         4 hours                        10:00 am – 2:00pm

Includes seminar materials, light refreshments


Communication is absolutely necessary for the success of a relationship. Without it, intimacy is compromised and the relationship is not able to grow. A lack of communication is isolating for both members of the relationship and interferes with partners working together as a team and with conflict resolution. When people in a relationship know how to communicate and do, we can understand, empathize and support each other. Trust can develop. As trust develops so does intimacy. In this class couples will learn how to work together. They will both learn skills that will help them understand each other and help them be healthier partners in the relationship.  Communicate skills won’t solve all the problems in a relationship. However, with healthy communication and motivation, the relationship is more likely to be successful.


Couples should register together. Cost is per individual.

*not appropriate for couples who have power and control or domestic violence as a dynamic in their relationship


Avoiding Codependency

20 May 2017 – Saturday        4 hours                        10:00am – 2:00pm     

Includes seminar materials, light refreshments


Relationships can be difficult. Not only is it difficult choosing with whom to become involved, but it is also a challenge to understand what is happening when what’s happening doesn’t feel right in a relationship. Codependency is when there is excessive emotional dependence in a relationship. One or both people might be enabling unhealthy behaviors to continue in the relationship. The result being that the relationship is unhealthy and unfulfilling. A co-dependent relationship can become destructive. It can be difficult to spot the early signs of someone who has codependent tendencies. It can also be difficult to identify the codependent characteristics within ourselves. But once these are identified, individuals are better able to avoid falling into these types of relationships. They are also able to identify their own vulnerabilities and change them into strengths so they can function in a healthy relationship and not lose themselves in the process.



Setting Boundaries in Relationships

21 May 2017 - Saturday        4 hours                        10:00 am – 2:00pm

Includes seminar materials, light refreshments


Boundaries are the limits we are entitled to with others. Particularly within our relationships. They protect us. They indicate how far we will go with others and what we will and will not accept from them. Boundaries keep us safe. They also keep others safe. With healthy boundaries we can have healthy people in our life and we are able to move the toxic people out. Boundaries decrease our vulnerabilities to others so we don’t continue to get hurt. In this class participants will learn what boundaries are and what they can do. Attendees will learn how to examine what boundaries they do have and which boundaries need to be developed. They will also learn how to set and enforce boundaries and what to do when if boundaries are violated or crossed.



Assertiveness for Women

24 June 2017 - Saturday         4 hours                        10:00am – 2:00pm     

Includes seminar materials, light refreshments

This class is for adult women who would like to learn how to speak up for themselves and be heard. Women are socialized to be soft spoken and to make nice. We aren’t so encouraged to speak our minds. Particularly in a way that helps us get our needs met. Assertiveness reflects one’s self respect and our respect of others. Women in this class will learn how to communicate with others assertively. They will also learn how to work through any anxiety they have when speaking up for themselves.



Positive Discipline Techniques

25 June 2017 - Sunday                       4 hours                        10:00am – 2:00pm     

Includes seminar materials, light refreshments


This class is for parents and caregivers who want to know to discipline the children under their care in a way that teaches the child how to make good behavioral choices. This class is for adults who want to stop yelling at their kids and how to work with them. Participants in this class will learn how to interact with their children in a way that not only encourages their kids to behave, but also in ways that reduce parental stress.



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Cost for seminars: $75.00 for one day. $125.00 for both seminars in the same weekend.



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