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Helping people have healthy relationships.                             



Call for an appointment.

"I'm not necessarily happy that I'm here, but I'm happy that I'm getting help and getting better.
-LEAP Participant


Client Intake

During this appointment the client meets with a qualified staff member and they go over the paperwork prepared by the client, as well as other pertinent information to determine if the client is appropriate for our program.



Anger Management

Sometimes an individual is not appropriate for our full program and is only in need of anger management skills. These clients do not have histories of domestic violence and/or child abuse; either perpetrated or experienced. The decision as to whom is appropriate for Anger Management is made by the clinician.




Behavioral Risk Assessments 

Behavioral Risk Assessments include client interviews, collection of collateral information, interviews of other involved persons, a survey of criminal and civil cases involving the client, review of any related mental health records or other assessments, and whatever other information may be pertinent to defining the situation, helping to determine how the client got to where they are now, assess the behaviors, and make treatment recommendations. This information is generated into a report.



Expert Witness Testimony

At times this office is asked to provide expert witness testimony regarding domestic violence, DV offender treatment, the effects of DV on the victim(s), and DV programs. Additionally, there are times we have provided expert witness testimony on ADHD and working with individuals with ADHD and/or Sensory Processing Issues.




Some of our clients are coming back into their community after incarceration or in-patient treatment. We are able to work these individuals and to help them get re-established. Depending on our staff at the time, we are able to provide therapy on a sliding scale/pro bono basis, referrals to vocational rehabilitation, assistance with navigating the social services system, assistance with finding housing etc.



We have partnerships with University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Alaska Anchorage, Boston University, Humboldt State University, Portland State University, Boise State University and University of New England. If you are interested in doing an internship or practicum with us, please submit a resume with a letter of intent and we will interview you. We typically have two interns at a time.



Child Custody Investigations

We are approved by the courts to do Child Custody Investigations. Our staff is formally trained by the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators. Please call us for details.







This program helped me change my life. I've realized what I needed to change and was able to get the support and education I needed to change it. I respect myself now.

-LEAP client


I miss group. They guys I was with built up a lot of trust while we were talking about stuff we had nowhere else to talk about it. Once in awhile I run into guys in town I knew from group and we check in with each other. My life is better now.

-LEAP client



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