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"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men".
Frederick Douglass 

Children live what they learn.

Adverse experiences during childhood & adolescence result in adverse impacts on kids.




We are starting our Becoming A Man group for males ages 13-16 in February 2022. Please call us at 452-2473 for more information.












The easiest way to learn is by modeling and children prove over and over again that they pick up our behaviors. Parenting is not easy. But how we conduct ourselves with our children affects our relationship with them and contributes to what kind of parent they become.


Our behavioral choices directly affect our children and our children learn how to make sense of the world and how people operate by watching the adult in their life behave with them and with others. If we are using violence or have been in a relationship that involved violence, our children have been affected by it.


Some of these behaviors can include aggressiveness towards others, running away, withdrawing, and becoming abusive towards family members or themselves. It can also include substance abuse. The effects are not just behavioral. Domestic violence affects our children on an emotional level, psychological level, physically, spiritually and even biologically.


LEAP works with kids individually and within groups who have been affected by abuse and/or other adverse experiences.








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